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Happen Since 1999

Lateral Thinking connects brands with people through interactive experiences in the form of spaces, actions and content. We are thinkers and makers; we conceive and we produce. Because we understand that creativity is not something that ends with the concept for the project, it must also influence the whole of its execution. Our mission? Helping to build culturally relevant brands. Because only when a brand generates culture can it hope to become a cult brand.



We create live brand actions. Actions which speak to people and not to targets. Actions which seek contact and not just impact. Which turn spectators into protagonists. Because a brand only becomes socially relevant when it stops acting for itself.

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We conceive, design and produce brand spaces. In retail, at festivals, anywhere where the brand has to be present. Spaces conceived to take people to the heart of the brand and get the brand into people’s hearts.

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We create brand content and amplify it through social networks. We turn the brand into conversation, creating and curating content which people choose to see, talk about and share. Because in a world saturated with messages, it is no longer enough to buy attention: you have to generate attraction.

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Own projects

Thinking laterally almost always leads us to think beyond the brief. Many of the projects we carry out do not come about as the result of a client’s request, but rather as the result of our own ideas, dreams and interests. They are projects which are particularly dear to us, because, more than any others, they contain the essence of what we are.

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