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Store Opening with Gasol

Nike Comms

We turned a store opening into a prime-time television format.

Nike opened its new store in Portal de l’Àngel, which went on to take up an entire floor of the El Corte Inglés department store, making it the brand’s biggest store on the Iberian Peninsula. An opening of on that scale required an equally big personality so the communications department asked us to procure an iconic picture with one of the best known Catalan sportsmen: Pau Gasol.

Having Pau Gasol gave us a media opportunity which went beyond a photo. Instead of organising the predictable press conference, we offered the production team of Viajando con Chester, at that time the leading television programme on Sunday nights, the opportunity to interview Gasol in situ.

In that way, we turned the Nike Store into the set of one of the most watched programmes, which benefited us mutually: Cuatro, the television channel, secured an exclusive interview with an NBA star and Nike secured high-value media space with an opinion leader like Risto Mejide. And what would probably have been a news item in the sporting press took up 45 minutes of prime-time television and was even a trending topic.

  • Production of the iconic picture
  • Communications strategy