Aitana Bonmatí BDO


On November 2nd, the renowned sportswear brand Nike hosted an epic event in collaboration with Aitana Bonmatí, the standout player from FC Barcelona's women's team. Fans had the unique opportunity to meet the world's best player in person during an exclusive meet & greet held at the Barça Store on Paseo de Gracia.

The entrance to the event was marked by an impressive red carpet that guided attendees through a captivating exhibition exploring Aitana Bonmatí's incredible career. From childhood photos to mementos from her early days in football, such as her debut jersey, and highlights from her professional life, the exhibition culminated in the representation of the current Aitana, marked by a golden mannequin dressed in the player's distinctive kit.

To perpetuate Aitana's presence within the store, an exclusive plaque displaying the imprint of her hands was installed. Accompanying this plaque was a screen detailing the fascinating process by which she left her personal mark on this distinctive object. As an additional gesture, Aitana was gifted with a pair of exclusive sneakers and an elegant necklace, emphasizing the significance of the relationship between the football star and Nike.

The heart of the event was the talk set, an immersive space designed for Aitana to share her experiences and thoughts with attendees. The presentation was led by the famous Twitch influencer Cristinini, who dynamically and interactively guided the discussion, allowing fans to get a closer look at the standout player.

But the event was not only for the football star; it was also for the fans. All attendees at the talk received exclusive posters, with the unique opportunity to get Aitana Bonmatí's signature —a genuine memento of an unforgettable encounter with their sports idol. Additionally, fans were given exclusive cards that allowed them to customize the name and number for free when purchasing an FC Barcelona jersey.

Nike's event with Aitana Bonmatí not only highlighted the brilliant career of the FC Barcelona star but also transformed into an experience that transcended the sporting realm to become an unforgettable moment. This event was not just a celebration of a sporting achievement but the creation of shared memories and the consolidation of a unique connection between an exceptional player and her devoted followers.