Lateral Thinking & Eco Intelligent Growth

Circular Making

Lateral Thinking & Eco Intelligent Growth

Circular Making is a strategic consulting service that prepares and guides organizations in their transformation process towards the circular economy. It is the union between the creative agency Lateral Thinking and Eco Intelligent Growth, a benchmark company in the circular economy, based on the Cradle to Cradle principles.

Lateral Thinking helps build culturally relevant and enduring brands, because only when a brand generates culture responsibly, can aspire to become a cult brand. Eco Intelligent Growth contributes to building a world of abundance for present and future generations through the implementation of the circular economy.

Our action principles are based on three pillars: impact measurement and resource management, circular design and strategic marketing and communication.

Thus, we identify opportunities for improvement in the operation of the company, through the analysis of several key vectors, such as the product, supply chain, physical spaces, etc. Based on this, we design action plans and provide advice in the short, medium and long term. Always, of course, taking into account the organization's overall circular economy strategy. We also implement the strategic plans in a cross-cutting manner with a triple impact: social, environmental and economic.

A method for solving the problems of the present and responding to the problems of the future.