Dance Camp


At Lateral Thinking we know that dance is evolving. For this reason, we transformed Play Barcelona into a large dance floor to celebrate a unique event where dance merges with creativity and innovation. The event lasted 4 days and received more than 1553 members, becoming a paradise for dance lovers.

At the event, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in dance classes taught by leading professional dancers. But that was not all, because the attendees also had the opportunity to get to know these talented dancers up close in an exciting Meet & Greet. The event culminated in an explosion of talent and energy in epic dance battles, where attendees clashed with unique moves and styles leaving audiences in awe.

To make the most of the space, the Play Barcelona areas were specially modified. The multi-sport area became a chill out space where the dancers could rest and recharge after an intense dance session. Also, changing rooms and lockers were installed so that attendees could enjoy the event without worrying about their belongings. Likewise, the parking lot was transformed into a large Food & Beverage zone where it was possible to find food trucks with options to satisfy all tastes.

On the other hand, the skate area was transformed into a design studio where activities could be enjoyed continuously. At Design Studio, members were able to customize everything from their nails to their clothing guided by great stylists. In addition, a dance platform made of glass called Photo Studio was built to allow the dancers to capture their movements through two different cameras. Once the attendees got on the platform, they received instructions through a screen. Then, a photograph was taken from both cameras to obtain two different perspectives. Automatically afterwards, the recording of a 30-second video began and the dancers could show themselves off on the floor. The take could be repeated as many times as necessary until the dancers were satisfied with it. Once the final recording was made, the option to download it from a QR code was offered.

Dance Camp was much more than just an event, it was a unique experience that celebrated dance in all its forms. It represented the union of dance with art, teaching and fellowship and was a reminder that the art of dance is a powerful form of expression that transcends borders and unites people.