Invincible Run


It's been a long time since the last launch of Nike Running in Barcelona. For this reason, the launch of the Invincible Run 3 shoes could not remain just as a simple presentation of the product, but rather it had to become a special invitation to all running lovers in the city.

To learn about the Nike Invincible Run 3, athletes, journalists and influencers entered an immersive space where they could witness, feel and experience the unique benefits of the shoe. The space was called House of Cushion and was specially designed to challenge human senses and experience in a sensory way how the Invincible Run 3 will revolutionize running. The journey at the House of Cushion kicked off in an empty room where the event was introduced by a video of the slippers themselves. In this way, it was ensured that the transition between the outdoors and the sensory experience was as smooth as possible. Afterwards, attendees had to put on headphones, remove their shoes and choose a pair of personalized socks.

The guests were guided throughout the tour by an audio guide through different rooms. Once past the Unveil Room (or product presentation room) the visitors were led to the Innovation Room where, through 6 different experiments, they were able to truly verify the benefits of the product. In this room, they could also find different screens showing videos about the product design process and about the process of creating the experiments.

The attendees were then given the opportunity to try on the footwear and put it to the test. The testing of the shoes could be done in different ways, from running on a treadmill to going for a run through the streets of Barcelona. In this way, they were able to see how the Invincible Run adapts to each movement of the foot and provides maximum comfort and performance with each step. Attendees running on the treadmill were recorded from different perspectives creating unique video pieces. Thus, attendees had the opportunity to take the shot as a souvenir of the event. But that was not all, the guests received a pack that included a cap, socks and a T-shirt and they had the opportunity to customize their clothes in an incredible design space.

The phrase “You have to feel it to believe it” came to life when attendees were immersed in our space. It meant more than just a phrase, becoming the essence of the event.