Volkswagen T-Roc

Character is innate; you either possess it or you don't. And just like the new Volkswagen T-Roc, it runs in our veins. Last November, we proudly introduced this unique crossover to the world: The T-Roc.

We believe that human beings are unique. We are the results of our choices. An impossible equation of different ingredients. Sea or mountains? Dogs or cats? Metal or electronic music?

During the previous week to the premiere, we put a container with a neon lights installation which made the shape of the car, at l’Illa in Barcelona and Atocha area in Madrid. Inside the container, citizens could show that they had unique personality and that they were more than ready to drive the new T-Roc participating in the T-Roc Challenge. An exclusive machine that decoded personality through an audiovisual test (with a digital version too) and that it also found out the ingredients to make our T-Rockers unique.

Security, personality, technology, rebelliousness and charisma took place in an exclusive night to celebrate the release of the new T-Roc. “Only you” hotel in Madrid was the perfect scenario for the event, where we had an interactive climbing wall, virtual reality and a photocall inside a lift. A remarkable night with very special guests such as the influencers Valentín San Juán, BELIN, Chema Alonso and Oliver Vegas.

Linda Morselli was the godmother of the unveil of T-Roc, a multisensorial experience of the artistic collective Light Notes. To end the event, Cristina Tosio’s dj set sped up the night with unique talent and charisma.

But we wanted to go far beyond and we dared four brave influencers to live a week full of unique experiences with the T-Rock Week. The chosen ones showed their self-confidence testing the new T-Roc and shared their experiences on social media within the hashtag #TRockWeek.