Lékué, a leading brand in digital communication


7 years ago Lékué presented us with a challenge: "People talk positively about the brand and suggest it, but we don't have much recognition on social media." 7 years later, Lékué is recognized as a leader in digital communication in the food sector.

We've grown Lékué's Instagram following from 10,000 to over 240,000 followers. We've partnered with more than 80 influencers, including @cocinaconchia, @oh.mamiblue, @fithappysisters, and @deliciousmartha. Our efforts have resulted in the creation of over 100 videos, secured appearances in leading culinary and general media outlets, and spearheaded their Digital Marketing strategy on platforms like Meta Ads and Google Ads, among numerous other initiatives.

We love to remember the challenge that Lékué set us in its day: "People speak well of the brand and recommend it, but we are not recognized on social networks".

Now, our challenge is to sustain Lékué's digital presence and uphold its reputation as a leader in the industry for years to come.