Red Bull

Mirror Park

Red Bull

We like to make the impossible a reality, and this time we convert that reality into millions of reflections.

In a place near Pamplona, ​​more specifically in Navarra, we decided to materialize the unimaginable: we created a skatepark covered in mirrors.

Taking as a visual inspiration the film "The Lady of Shanghai" by Orson Welles and the hall of mirrors, we created an alternative space with a different touch, something never before seen, where the unthinkable can happen.

An incredible place to explore the limits of BMX, do tricks never seen until then and where you can shoot and ride.

All the walls, ramps, and obstacles are totally covered by a reflective material that gives the appearance of an infinite hall of mirrors. The difficulty increases since it is a very slippery surface, and with the reflections it becomes a confused terrain, visually the stimuli multiply and the nerves emerge.

In this large-scale project in collaboration with RedBull,we have the collaboration of rider Courage Adams in the development of the design and which also Paul Thölen who was also part of the challenge trying this atypical skatepark.

A great challenge that the riders far exceeded: "I was amazed because the place had been completely transformed in comparison to what I was riding before the mirroring process" Courage Adams.

A magical experience to let yourself go and get lost among the reflections. A challenge to find out and differentiate the real from the unreal on wheels.