Cross Training Athletes Hospitality


Over the past two years, Nike has organized exclusively designed experiences for Nike athletes competing in The Crown, with the aim of ensuring that athletes can focus solely on one thing: giving their best.

What sets these experiences apart is the individualized attention given to each athlete, reflected in specially designed accommodations and welcome packs. Additionally, to make athletes feel more connected to the brand, every detail incorporates Nike's distinctive visual elements.

Aside from luxury accommodation, Nike offers a variety of activities designed to enhance both the body and mind of athletes. Moreover, to ensure they have access to top-notch guidance, some activities are carried out in collaboration with specialized partners. For instance, this year, renowned nutritionist Gemma Bes led an energy balls workshop.

Through these experiences, Nike demonstrates its commitment to the welfare and success of its athletes, ensuring that each one of them feels valued, motivated, and equipped to push their boundaries.