Nike Elite Summit


Sport is not only a physical activity, it is a passion that unites people of all ages, cultures and abilities. Aware of the importance of connecting with the new generations of athletes, Nike created a unique event that marked a before and after in the relationship between the brand and its young followers. From the beginning, Nike wanted each athlete to feel the exclusivity and importance of being part of this unique encounter. That's the reason why invitations that reflected the individual essence of each attendee were sent. Moreover, each athlete received a special package with personalized flip-flops, cap and postcard, a gift that had the spirit of the event imprinted on it from the very first moment.

Excitement filled the air on Friday afternoon when the guests arrived at the W Barcelona hotel and found a pleasant surprise: their rooms were customized with the iconic Nike logo. Not only that, but they also found hotel products customized with the brand's hallmark for a truly exclusive experience. Afterwards, the Nike team welcomed them with an inspiring talk that awakened the passion and motivation of the athletes. Everyone was then taken to the prestigious Gala restaurant where the youngsters enjoyed an exceptional dinner and played games to get to know each other better.

The eagerness intensified on Saturday with an exciting excursion through the breathtaking landscapes of Tibidabo and Collserola. A trip to connect with nature and strengthen the camaraderie among the participants. But the adventure did not stop there. Later on, an exciting shooting took place at the Nike offices and each participant was able to customize their own AF1 sneakers, leaving a unique imprint of their experience at the event. Guests also received a talk on the creation of custom-made sneakers at the well-known factory located in Montebelluna, where the shoes of great elite athletes are created. Saturday night reserved an unforgettable surprise for the athletes: a dinner in a secret location with the special invitation of the renowned singer Omar Montes. In addition, the dinner was catered by the famous hamburger restaurant Vicio, which conquered everyone with its irresistible hamburgers.

On Sunday, the sporting spirit continued with a morning paddle surfing class, where the athletes took to the sea and joined in an experience full of adrenaline and fellowship. But this event went further in demonstrating Nike's commitment to inclusion, as a wheelchair basketball activity was organized after breakfast, raising awareness of the importance of inclusion and equality in sport.

After three intense and enriching days, the event came to an end, but the connection created between Nike and its young athletes will live on in each of them. And so, Nike left an indelible mark on each attendee, strengthening the bond with the brand and making it clear that together, we created a legacy of passion and determination that will last for generations.