Nike Store Openings


From cutting the ribbon to capturing the iconic Percassi team photo, Nike ensures that each store opening is a moment that remains in the memory of everyone who attends. Furthermore, they take into account that a successful experience is not only based on the customers, but also on the team that will work in the store. Therefore, store openings are designed in such a way that both members and staff get involved and are infected with the excitement of being part of a truly exceptional event.

In each opening, a scenario full of surprises and emotion is conceived. From product customization activities to exclusive gifts for guests, each event is unique and memorable. Cupcakes, cookies customized with the iconic Nike logo, dazzling dance performances and live DJ sets have been just a few of the ways Nike has elevated the opening experience.

Among all the openings, one shines with special intensity: the grand opening of the Nike Store in the La Maquinista shopping center. Here, a pre-opening experience was created, challenging running fans to join the special "Nike By Sant Andreu" group on the NRC App. A challenge that granted an exclusive reward to the athlete who accumulated the most hours during the month of November.

But that was not all: the opening at La Maquinista had the stellar presence of Alejandro Balde, a legend of FC Barcelona. Attendees had the opportunity to meet him and share his passion for the sport. And as the perfect climax, an electrifying flashmob was organized that traveled through the halls of the mall, culminating in a surprising spectacle right in the heart of the new Nike store.

At Nike, they don't just host events; They create moments that transcend time. They unite passion, innovation and style in every corner of their openings, so that you feel the essence of Nike like never before.