Experiential Packagings


At Lateral Thinking, we don't just create packaging, we create captivating experiences that last. For years, we have had the privilege of working closely with Nike, designing and producing special packaging for crucial moments that transcend sport and emotion.

Our passion has led us to develop experiential packaging that not only contains products, but wraps them in impactful narratives. In this way, each box is conceived to create a deep connection with the receiver. At Lateral Thinking, we are also true to our commitment to sustainability. That's why each design is made with materials and processes that respect our environment. Because we know that meaningful experiences should not only enrich those who receive them, but also the planet we share.

The last year has witnessed emblematic moments, and we have had the honor of immortalizing them in unique packaging. From the custom sneakers celebrating the retirement of Jaoquin Sanchez, to the remembrance t-shirt commemorating Ansu Fati's 100 games played, each packaging has been designed to reflect the achievements and greatness of these athletes. Nor can we forget the designs we created for Pau Gasol and Ona Carbonell as congratulations for the birth of their children.

Witnessing and collaborating on athletes' most iconic moments, we are committed to continuing to turn memories into works of art. Together with Nike, we have been capturing unique moments and turning them into visual treasures that last.