Lateral Thinking & Nike

Play Barcelona

Lateral Thinking & Nike

Lateral Thinking is committed to sport. And, hand in hand with Nike, we have once again demonstrated it with Play Barcelona, an open-air venue in the Parc del Fòrum where basketball, football, skateboarding, training, dancing and all the communities that keep them alive converge.

Play Barcelona was created to rediscover sport, share energies and mix disciplines. Here there are classes, there are games, there are new experiences and, above all, there is a desire to push one's limits.

Lateral Thinking has contributed to the conceptualisation, technical design and production of the space and all the sporting elements that make it up, as well as the technical management, staff and activities that keep it a living sporting ecosystem.

Of course, we are not alone. Play Barcelona is a meeting point for the sports community and, therefore, has synergies with other groups, such as Skate Agora, Urban Dance Factory, Tribu Urbana or Streetball Barcelona Sants.

Images courtesy of Nike.