Precision On Point


The presentation of the Phantom Barna posed a challenge for Nike: turning conceptual architectural ideas into a tangible reality, thus addressing the challenge of materializing an initially abstract vision into a feasible and achievable event. Instead of settling for a simple product launch, the brand decided to go further. Every detail of the event, from the layout of the spaces to the lighting and visual design, was crafted to immerse attendees in an immersive experience. The chosen venue was Metrònom, where the new Phantom Barna, inspired by player Alexia Putellas, were showcased.

Attendees were greeted at a registration counter, where each received a card that would serve as a guide throughout the different experiences offered by the event. This card, once completed with each activity, became a testimony of their participation. As they entered the entrance tunnel, an imposing 10-meter-long structure, strategic lighting and aesthetic arrangement directed the guests' gaze towards the central totems. It was at this point where, later on, Alexia Putellas herself would carry out the official unveiling of the boots.

Once inside, a variety of activities could be enjoyed, ranging from a gaming area to challenges to test the precision of the new Phantom GX boots firsthand. One of the standout challenges demanded precision and skill in attempting to place the ball in the top corner of the goal. With three attempts available, participants strived to achieve the highest score, with prizes such as football plush toys for the most skilled.

After completing all the activities, guests had the opportunity to personalize their own shirt with exclusive patches, thus ensuring a special memento of the experience. On the other hand, the presence of prominent sports figures like Alexia Putellas, Vitor Roque, and Oihan Sancet, along with the hosting by renowned presenter Cristinini and a surprise performance by Mushkaa, formed part of an effort to bridge the gap between culture and sports and engage with the upcoming generations of footballers.

From the moment attendees crossed the doors of Metrònom to the presentation of the boots, every aspect highlighted Nike's architectural effort and the challenge they faced in realizing their vision. All elements, including the layout of spaces and the created atmosphere, were planned to reflect Nike's commitment to innovation and quality.