Skate Agora x Nike Experiences


Since 2021, Skate Agora has served as the focal point for Nike Experiences, which have transformed how the community interacts with and embraces skateboarding. With more than 3,600 Nike members engaging since the beginning, these experiences have offered an unmatched platform for fostering growth, fostering connections, and promoting inclusivity within the skateboarding realm.

At the core of each experience lie five strategic pillars that steer all initiatives and endeavors, underscoring Skate Agora and Nike's dedication to the skate community. These pillars include:

1. Skate School: This pillar embodies a dedication to education and advancement within the skateboarding realm, demonstrated through the provision of free skate initiation classes held weekly throughout the year.

2. Core SB: Tailored for seasoned skaters, this pillar offers unconventional experiences designed to foster connections through activities like DIY sessions, opportunities to film tricks alongside professionals, and thrilling skate championships.

3. Empowering Women's Skateboarding: By commemorating occasions such as International Women's Day, this pillar champions visibility and community backing, crucial elements in promoting gender equality within the skateboarding community.

4. Gen-Z/α Skateboarding Hub: Acknowledging the influence of upcoming generations in shaping the future of skateboarding, this pillar sparks creativity and nurtures a sense of belonging among young skaters through customized activities that cater to their needs.

5. Social Impact: Through collaboration with organizations dedicated to social inclusion, this pillar extends skateboarding and its values to marginalized groups, offering avenues for personal and communal growth.

Through these experiences, Skate Agora and Nike are building a more inclusive and dynamic future for the skate community. With a continuous commitment to education, inclusion, and empowerment, Skate Agora is positioned as a benchmark of skate culture in the local community and beyond.

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