Spotify VIP Room


The synergy between the world of sports and music is undeniable. With the vision of uniting these two forms of expression, Spotify commissioned us to redesign the VIP room at the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys to maximize the collaboration with FC Barcelona.

From the beginning, we had a clear vision: to create a place where Spotify is experienced beyond music. One of our goals was to create a space that not only met the expectations of the guests but exceeded them.

Knowing that combining two influential names like Spotify and FC Barcelona required offering something exceptional, we focused on creating a space that felt luxurious, welcoming, fresh, and invited guests to interact.

To achieve this, we opted for a combination of elements that transformed the place into a collaborative oasis. Low-intensity lighting was key to creating a relaxed atmosphere that promoted interesting conversations. On the other hand, the furniture was carefully selected not to overshadow the colors and lights of the room, allowing them to take center stage and create a captivating environment that invited conversation and interaction.

Music is the heart of Spotify, but it is also a platform that celebrates diversity and cooperation. To pay homage to these values, we installed a unique exhibition: FC Barcelona jerseys in collaboration with two iconic artists, Rosalía and Drake. Next to each jersey, we placed headphones so that guests could listen to exclusive content from these artists. Furthermore, this corner will be updated as the club collaborates with different artists.

Music and sports are not just entertainment; they are a way of life, and this space is a tribute to that shared passion.