Olive Oils from Spain

The Good Life Embassy

Olive Oils from Spain

It is usually said of olive oil that it is one of the best ambassadors for Spanish gastronomy. And, being a good ambassador, it deserves a good embassy. A project in collaboration with Havas.

To introduce Spanish olive oil to the German market, Olive Oils from Spain opened The Good Life Embassy in Berlin, a gastronomic pop-up dedicated to promoting this liquid gold.

But the project presented a challenge: how to make a three-day event create a lasting impact. The answer: get the protagonists to be the main drivers.

We had three influencers with different profiles. Felicitas Then, winner of Masterchef Germany, appealed to a more mainstream audience; Stefan Hartmann, owner a of prestigious restaurant in Berlin, appealed to foodies; and Enie Van Miklokes, presenter of a television cookery programme, increased our coverage in both specialist and mass media.

The three ambassadors, along with a carefully considered guest list of journalists and bloggers and a very ‘shareable’ schedule of activities, produced an emphatic success: 10 million impressions and more than 500 thousand interactions on social networks.