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Pepe Jeans

At a time when eco-anxiety is causing so much instability and uncertainty in society, brands like Pepe Jeans London have realized that a green approach is inseparable from their decision-making process.

Whether it is during the production process or in the development of its designs, Pepe Jeans London has been placing importance on the sustainability of its products for years. And to further consolidate this positioning, we have jointly launched the TRU-BLU programme, a green revolution.

This responsible innovation programme includes eco-revolutionary technologies such as the Wiser Wash, which produces neither toxic waste nor wastes water in the production process of the brand's jeans.

This project is the first launch of the TRU-BLU programme, Pepe Jeans London's commitment to a much more sustainable fashion industry that responds to today's urgent needs.

For the public launch of the programme, we were joined by three ambassadors, three unique voices advocating for a more sustainable future and a healthy ocean: actress, artist and activist India Salvor Menuez, writer and artist Wilson Oryema and ocean curator Queeny Van Der Zande.

And this is just the first step towards more sustainable jeans and a future with the well-being of the environment in mind. The journey continues.

Are you wise?

Wear Wiser Wash.

Join the TRU-BLU squad.